Born and raised in Haiti, Singer, Songwriter, Worship Leader, Mother, Daughter, Sister and friend

Passionate…intense….uninhibited…” These are just a few words that describe the talented Flore. Joyful, uplifting, inspiring, affirmative, exuberant, playful, and universal in its appeal and intention – that is the music of Flore.

You only need to spend a few minutes with her to see what she is about: lavishing love on God, creating memories with her family, and serving and loving Him wholeheartedly. Her thirst for God is insatiable. She is committed to contending for the presence of God and encouraging others to encounter God. Flore has an extraordinary talent that captivates people when he sings with melodies that eases even the most restless soul.

Armed with a warm spirit, an abundant faith, a pure heart and the desire for everyone she comes in contact with to have the same experience, Flore’s abundant gifts also serve as the platform for her purpose beyond the music.

In 2006, Flore released “Show me love” her first album Through Pandera Records which included a French and an English version of a song titled “Just to be with you”, “Rien que d’etre avec toi” . Albums are available at,

In 2010, Flore released “Neva Give Up” available on iTunes…/id404082996
In 2011, Flore released ” Higher” available on iTunes

She has given herself to the Lord Jesus Christ, to whom she has since devoted her life, her voice and talents to the cause of the gospel. She believes that contemporary gospel music is not only a style but a powerful instrument for spreading the message of God’s love and comfort to the hearts.

Flore is excited about new season in her life and always excited to share her music with the world.


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