‪His GRACE is more than enough, learn to apply it everywhere & everything. “For from his fullness we have all received, GRACE Upon GRACE.” – John 1:16‬

GRACE…such an amazing word. Didn’t understand the depth of this word better yet its true meaning of grace until about 5 years ago [in the mist of trials & uncertainty] I was at a terrible place and I needed God’s Grace to shine on my circumstances and I needed to apply His Grace in myself. While Chloë Grace was a well planned pregnancy but there were many challenges, spiritual warfares going against our home and our marriage. While I was excited about answered prayers but my faith was challenged. I needed God’s grace and peace. As I was looking for the perfect name for our princess so I began to study the word GRACE so we ended up Including Grace as part of her name. It’s for by Grace that we are saved. Grace is God’s unmerited favor. That is, grace is God doing good for us that we do not deserve. God’s grace is made perfect in our weakness. Another way to look at this word is to give Grace to ourselves. 


If you’re afraid of something today, there’s a kind of grace for you. If you feel guilty, broken or like damaged goods, there’s a kind of grace available to get you through this moment and beyond to help you rise above it – it’s an infinite supply.



If you need it, grace applies it. If you break it, grace fixes it. If you lose it, grace finds it. If you spoil it, grace restores it. When you’re dirty, grace cleans you. When you’re down low, grace picks you up. When you’re hurt, grace comforts.


Grace is a situational shape-shifter. It will go where you go. What’s your need? What’s your opportunity? What do you have facing you? God will adapt his grace to suit your need.


The amazing thing about it is that, with all of the different circumstances, all the different situations of all the different people of all the ages of time, grace never runs out and grace can always adapt to any situation.
So often we try to be perfect and to hold ourselves to a standard of perfection and that is unrealistic. We all need God’s grace and we need to give ourselves a little more Grace. I love this WORD so much because it is such a great reminder! Every time my little Chloë Grace hugs and kisses me I am reminded of God’s amazing Grace! I will continue to lavish in His Grace as she celebrates her 5th Birthday next Month! His Grace is more than enough! ❤✨💫


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