If we could see ourselves through God’s eyes we would see just how far short we fall in comparison to God’s righteousness. 

|| Through God’s Eyes||

“….In the shadow of your wings I take refuge.” — Psalm 57:1 

This psalm was written during one of the times that David was fleeing from King Saul as he was attempting to kill David. This psalm opens with something of a contradiction. David had done nothing to deserve King Saul’s hatred. Saul was after David because he knew that David had been chosen by God to be the next king of Israel.
David cries out to God for His mercy. When we ask God for mercy we are asking Him not to give us what we deserve. By all appearances David deserved God’s protection. 

What David is expressing here is important for us all to understand and it will help us to face the difficult circumstances of our lives. We deserve all the bad things that will happen to us in our lives. We tend to think of ourselves as ‘good people’ and therefore not deserving of punishment. We recognize that we are not perfect and do fall short of the perfection of God but we are not so bad as to deserve punishment.

Our problem is that we are not using a proper scale to evaluate ourselves. If we could see ourselves through God’s eyes we would see just how far short we fall in comparison to God’s righteousness. 

David knew he was not perfect and that bad things were coming into his life for reasons that might relate to his own weaknesses. Rather than blaming his circumstances on the situations that he was facing, he went to God and asked for mercy. This is the perfect way to respond to the difficult things of life. Rather than trying to understand why these things are going on, simply humble yourself before God and ask for His mercy in your life.
David goes on to claim God as his place of refuge and strength. David, the slayer of Goliath, was going to hide under God’s wings rather than fight this circumstance. David, the future warrior-king of Israel, was going to wait out this storm in God’s presence. We spend too much time in the violent storm rather than in the calming presence of God. God will let us fight and struggle if we choose to, or we can run to him and seek refuge and peace in him. If David was willing to do this, so should we. 》Tag someone who encourages you!!


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